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Best Jobs and Working Partners. Answers App. Ox Fortune in Overall Luck:. Easy to make achievements, few chances for promotion. Love and Relationships. Taking the initiative, many chances around the corner. Ox's Luck by Month Born in More business corporations, little promotion opportunities. I have a question about my career.

It seems a dream opportunity for me, however i want to be very sure before joining. Please let me know if this new job will be beneficial for me. Should i go ahead and accept this offer. I am going through big financial crisis due to my family hence this decision is very important for me. Please Please help.!!! Yes, you are suggested to go ahead and accept this offer. If you work harder and harder, and have excellent performance, then you would have chance to get promotion and increased salary.

Good luck! Asked by meann from PH Aug. Born on September 7, Feeling something on my stomach or abdomen area lately. Well, according to this situation, you should go to the hospital as soon as possible and have health check. Generally speaking, there won't have serious problems. I was born on 4th May and want to get a decent job as soon as possible.

Although the Year of the Pig proved to be lacking for the Ox, this year will make up the difference. The Rat is on your side for !

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Already known for their honesty and perseverance, the Ox can expect extra praise in the form of promotions and compliments. Your best character traits will be visible to all, and your hard work will finally pay off. Revel in the knowledge that everything you have been working towards will come to fruition. With success on the horizon, you even have the opportunity to start something new.

Set up an online store, a small pop-up restaurant, or a company with an old coworker. Go big or go home, as they say! Be mindful of colleagues, however, as misfortune might come your way in the form of a male coworker. Even though you value honesty and reliability, others may not. Choose your friends wisely, and your work friends even more so. With the benefits of the Rat and your general demeanor, no one will be able to stop you!

Dedication, hard work, and logic will be your three pillars to focus on throughout your education.

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Invest yourself in your studies. Set yourself up in the library, study groups, and lecture halls. If you are worried about your ability to think and talk clearly, grab a dictionary or conversational book and get to it. If you are feeling bold, you could even enlist in a speech class to elevate your rhetoric. As one of the healthiest zodiacs, Oxen can expect a great year with regards to well-being. Strong and sturdy, they will be able to endure any minor ailments and the stresses of work life. Although you might want to avoid the doctor for the year because of your healthy outlook, keep in mind that regular checkups are necessary for preventing any unwanted maladies.

Something could be hiding just beneath the surface; get yourself checked out annually to be sure. Take special care to maintain a routine eating schedule. When you put in overtime at work, it affects your mealtimes. Your digestive health is just as important as the rest! To thrive in relationships this year, Oxen will need to put in the effort to communicate clearly. As communication is not a strong characteristic of Oxen, any means to boost your abilities will be beneficial.

Both single and married Oxen will need to work through this slight rough patch. Listen to your partner, invest in their daily experiences, really take note of what they are trying to tell you. If you can get your partner to notice that you genuinely want to be with them, it will pay dividends. Working through hard times together as a loving couple often leads to a healthier, stronger relationship. Be on the lookout, however, as you might face some issues regarding other parties, men or women, trying to pull your partner away from you.

If you are looking to keep the relationship alive, fend off any advances and put an end to them immediately. You want to stay far, far away from any affairs. The year will impact the Ox in a positive light. Throughout the year, hard work will be necessary, but as this comes naturally to the Ox, it should be a breeze.

In your career, work for that promotion even if it seems too far out of reach. In your educational journey, shoot for the stars, and take that extra class; try an elective that will bring you to earlier graduation. In your health, do everything you can to keep yourself active and fit. In your relationships, be loving, kind, and communicative. Whatever you do for the year, do so with a genuine focus on hard work and success. It will most certainly come your way! Stepping out of the shadow that was the Year of the Dog, Oxen can expect a more auspicious year under the influence of the Pig.

The year ahead will still have its ups and downs but despite the bad signs on the horizon, stability can be expected overall. Strengthen your bonds with the family and friends you consider closest, this can help to weather the storms of the coming months. Someone in your family may even help further your personal life.

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Take time to relax and do things you enjoy while you still can. The Year of the Pig predicts a few curveballs for your career over the coming months. Oxen favor a workaholic mindset, especially if they can distract themselves from personal problems they are experiencing, however this year Oxen may wear themselves out with their work first mentality. Some potential pitfalls are cash flow emergencies, steep competition, and loss of integral personnel.

Create a backup plan for these emergencies. Remember to pace yourself this year in your studies. The workload will be more than you are used to, but persistence and creative solutions will help you lesson the burden. Team exercises will afford Oxen the opportunity to manage the group and show leadership abilities by setting a good example. Take care not to over load yourself with extra classes as a cumbersome workload can offset your mental focus and well-being.

At the end of the year, an extra burst of capital will help you belay educational expenses. This is the last gift of the influence of Pig.

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Oxen will experience ups and downs with health this year. The beginning of the year comes with the promise of hard work for Oxen but at the cost of ignoring your body. The chance to prove yourself will be fatigued with a minor illness and unfavorable health conditions unless health is consciously monitored.

Make sure to take plenty of vitamins to keep your immune system strong during times of excessive work. Stay away from unhygienic restaurants as food poisoning will be a likely pitfall to compromise your well-being.

Monitoring diet and healthy exercise will be paramount in the year of the Pig. If you are already in a relationship, it will likely progress and become stronger over the coming months. However, communication problems persistently plague the horizon for Oxen couples.

Make sure these problems do not go unchecked as they could be the undoing of it all. This year will be a good time to get pregnant for Oxen as well, but be patient, this will come at the right time. Wear blue or green jewelry to increase your chances. If you are a single Ox you are likely to find companionship this year, but at the end of your year you may begin to feel more independent.

This could hurt or help your relationship, depending on how you act on it. The challenges over the course of the year will prove to be pivotal in your outlook.

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The Year of the Pig will stimulate the creativity of Oxen; whether its design, art, creative solutions, or even decoration will bring out some untapped talent. But do not procrastinate too long, or inspiration and ideas could lose their panache. Oxen can have trouble expressing their feelings, but the virtues of perseverance, patience, and reliability give Oxen an added edge in the social landscape.

The tendency to work after its time to give up, or the desire to be stubborn can plague Oxen achievements. Overall this year will be in your favor.