Daily horoscope 19 march

A new start is nearly here. The moon is in fellow earth sign Virgo today, Taurus, illuminating the creativity and romance sector of your chart—fun! Invite all your friends out for a party! The moon in Virgo finds you in a cozy mood today, Gemini. The moon in Virgo lights up the financial sector of your chart today, Leo, asking you to be smart about your spending and picky about what you decide to invest in.

The moon is in your sign today, Virgo! This is a wonderful time to tap into your emotions and reflect on your needs. You do so much to help others—make time to help yourself today, too. Your intuition is especially sharp, so make time for meditation and connect with your inner voice. The moon in thoughtful Virgo finds you reflecting on your hopes and dreams for the future, Scorpio.

Self-love is great, but have you indulged in that endorphin rush? Things to do today: quit whining, start moving.

DAILY HOROSCOPE: March 19, 12222

Both Pisceans and Scorpions are being reminded of the importance of nurturing their body temple. What you have is beautiful. Take pride in watching it grow. So why stop now? Plus, rainbows and butterflies too. Motivate yourself to keep moving forward despite your losses.

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And then, channel your inner phoenix and rise above the ashes of you past. Taurus, acknowledge that what you have is beautiful—a rare gift from the mysterious forces up above. So nurture it. Live a hundred miles away from your special someone? Get on a call. You could be on the edge awaiting the outcome of something. Take a deep breath and come back to the present.

Let trust and surrender be your magic words. Watch the old wounds and traumas that are resurfacing at this point. The time to free yourself from the vicious cycle is now. Instagram stopped working for a while earlier this week. And guess what? Our lives did not come to a standstill. Take charge of your vibe, Cancer.

Use your time and energy wisely. Things to do today: go on a digital detox and reconnect with yourself. When you're moving fast, it's hard to catch details as they fly by. And catching the small stuff is important now. At the office, for example, double-check your work before declaring it complete. A second pair of eyes is an even better idea. That will help ensure that any little mistake you might have made can be corrected. You aren't going for perfection, but you are going for thorough.

Illustration by Rocco Fazzari Credit:. Put some effort into cleaning your home or workspace. The final result will make you feel wonderfully calm, from the inside out! Getting on track in terms of health and fitness brings you the same sense of self-possessed tranquility. You're taking your life into your own, quite capable hands. You can handle any obstacles that come your way. That's a good feeling. It's extra important to do your best today, because many people are in critical mindsets.

It's not as easy as usual to get away with cutting corners. Normally you might be able to finesse your way through something, but not right now!

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What works best now is genuine focus and effort. Stay logical and attend to details -- but don't get caught up in them.

Today's Daily Horoscope 19 March 2018 Each Zodiac Signs

Set a steady pace and stick to it. Today it's both helpful and easy to get into a steady rhythm. Sticking to your daily routine is one good way to do that, since it's a rhythm you're already familiar with.

TAURUS (April 20 - May 20)

Another way is simply to assess what you need to accomplish and then get the job done. You're sensible enough to make a feasible plan, one that employs a methodical approach to reaching your goal. Your buoyant, expressive personality is a little more reserved today than usual. You've probably got a lot on your plate.

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You're just trying to stay focused as you juggle everything. You expect a lot of yourself, and you're capable of a great deal.